Max Planck fellows run off with radical research incentives for a frontier in unboundedness.
Organizations in a small package, tethered particle immolation. The dignity of boson disappearances.

With little or no motive, the sky foregrounds all their styles, taking them all in.
To paraphrase ... you can’t predict
How or even what you’ll be taking from your background;

MoMA in the original shifted genealogy,
Different periods of shifts changing contexts for us;
We were both wearing black Lacoste.

When you got up your voice was

Vibrating w/ a head cold, falling
Flat in dust in 4 dimensional motes.

Vibrating = Sturm und Drang,
Dust controls anger / how minds are wed.
Mr Pancake-for-a-Face questions, what’s being a pill as a verb?

Dreamily subsisting

Halfway into a loose state
Staying loose. The verb cuts you and your lineage off.

Now it’s later, good news tho
Since your mission is to balk and listen,

Not empower blithe and highly egotistical batboy girl men.
Two good words, highly too.
One pleasure then is borrowing sentences
To raise the rent.

Itemizing all bets, a swimming
Plateau = not finding hotter places to write off.

Dissonant sports metaphors are for gullible allies, hon.
And I’ve had it with my thigh, the one you lift.


His haiku was stiff: full, bel canto, with a slight

Vocal member of the Illinois Cultural
Studies group carrying a sawed off

The program is this preview. Just to start.. a great performer is set free to make more mistakes. You see your points, all of them.


Thanks for being there. Next
beside poems, who picks my music ’n prose? She’s a far out snob.
Our area is interpretive search.
(Want to read our minds?) Symmetry among unequal strains.

No that’s not right.

Yamaguchi feels self criticism got way over-modulated becoming 2nd rate, poor argot sampling hostility.

Masked or not, Yamaguchi steals from me.. ..easy to cite in tones stressing processed shock of inexactitude,

flipping out highlighting weak spots, freedom, surroundings.


Hey Siri (British female).
Up with proportionality, southpaw.
She spake plainly for a big hearted killer-
Darling. Morning

Reminding me once
Only your own revels meet you halfway, morning blurring promises in
An aftermath of the hiatus, letting your adages cool.

Is this a document or did I make it up?
Frozen water on Mars is the smoking gun.

Another question. Smelling coffee gasses a decimal of
Where should I hurt?

Once and be done.
Decor change:
I’m always explaining the place where I wake up.
Gateau what’s his name is done (delivered) in a tangle of foxglove as you and I de-meadow.
I sleep where I work. A company like ours takes it into the physics facility.
We’re in the flat present tense, multiple account outlines in simultaneous perception

Reciting new slang exponents to snag and support
Two syllables of love while we scout flyweights in the recursive landscape.
I lost my nonfaith in the underground
I should be writing this down.
I try not to be serious.
Duly of course not sounded,
I’m writing for one reason alone, to sound an alarm (an annunciator panel light);
the rust fabric of walls about to be torn down; the danger of falling temperatures; they did —
Side streets extend to hourly weather; to the power grid;
Razed, rain’s over, its light flow an oily example.

Extends thru night rain. I reason the surrogacy of any example (x) is the serious and newer down.
More anguish walking over to a panel on reasoning and not writing anything down, an experience
in its emptied refraction dancing on a taillight for syntactical beings (in a sentence) on a muddy


Don’t take it.
That ordered a way of not answering the phone.. poof.. ..
A command lost.
I’m bipolar from the past. You know. What?

Just like putting the call off ..
We can make a poem go mute.
If it doesn’t speak, we don’t have to pay it as much.

A world-less deaf-mute.
That’s how unclear the past becomes.
Cry of a coach potato!

In the case of this potato, finding slices of us over our opus,

(a) awesome, it’s soi-disant on a blather scale

(b) I’m hardly embarrassed or concerned how the poet is framed a tool of parataxis.. juxtaposition.. tinnitus ..

(z) still.. let’s skip a few layers, ready?

Cri d’un entraîneur de pomme de terre!

Dans le cas de cette pomme de terre, même si on trouve des tranches de nous tout au long de nos opus —

non, tout sans blague ce n’est pas
(a) impressionnant! Le patineur est soi-disant sur une échelle pour « blather » ou des étoiles, peu importe ..

(b) mais lâchement, je ne suis presque gêné, je ne me soucie guère la façon dont le poète est formulée, est parlé comme un outil pour juxtaposition, parataxe, tintement ..

(z) .. encore pourrions-nous sauter quelques couches, ainsi en quelques secondes ou pas, prêt ou pas, allons-y-en patinage?


Prayer behooves you, it often says. Prayer for those who talk shite no longer pray. I hope you are happy. Don’t be sad. Grab a good one.
That’s an outline.
Try no poetics put in coma.. mature impact..
This is a change election.
Gothic ps texted to sub-office.
Pardon me while I disband our friendship. .

(Restoring your feeling is one of my hobbies.)
It’s a difficult style..

We’re both harder to explain now. A head-on view..
The sonnet box reads I am who?

Don’t worry I’m a doctor.
The coast is never clear, fat boy ..
Something inside snaps.. Try leasing cars ….
Meta-delivery. Ooooooops.

I’ll snare myself..

I wouldn’t dream of it.
Peace, justice, ecology, all uplifting.
That’s not to say there’ll be any food.

But there’s no sponsor tie-in currently

— 4 plastic badges for now and pa-

Per sacks. Imitation spinner features, it’s
Just theres the royal we (a pain) in game theory to pla
Y. This may be an insight
Bringing us closer to following your advice.
Now you’re giving me the finger. Technically, we’re not there yet.


You, my man, woman,
Pastoral you and all it initiates take humane power in socialist space. It’s rare.
Home base, hierarchal Finland: say it’s working through the population.
We’re the entire crew. The socialist’s way.
I hear Carol Breakdown is hard to get.

Takes substance and breadth, not at this end;
The going price paid is any / all of your audacious desire

(a rare cigarette case, may I)? Reversed decisions rotating surf, mercurial quanta
Shift, soft, whispered, could occur. You’ll want circles and circuits redressing
The boat’s cortex attention to holding out to
Say when. Pulse, how did you say when? There’s reform, learning windows..
A new level of storytelling nationwide.
Often there’s a new plot — those words we had and didn’t have were consequences. The milieu has been bad. Bad is good, since we know enmeshed values constitute our pit bullhood.

But I take no liberties writing you now, bubble footed in dark briefs. I have a dream of fair housing: Free-range light and dark in the clerestory to our lair… Some of us are going there after work. Would you like to come?

We go out with babes among cosmoi.
Pigeons pattern heaven where detachment is cut back,

Reminding us of a few contingencies we picked up off trays,
Bright boomerangs that tantalize in the feasible, wanting nothing and showing
What go around and come around, left to their own desires and systems.

And some of these babes are both dead and alive. Chew on that, Hobbes.


Starting at the bottom of the pack, the fun strata, the face is inside a very powerful camouflage (instructing us to use it). That’s what I heard.

God bless you. Someone’s sneezed

We’re in public transport space, an elevator or the hallway. We think
Mining empirical data has a bigger future than blasphemy, many floors

To overhear, appropriate then evoke tall, slim formulae, aggrieving but wha...
Ways women around Marie Antoinette became modern: Oh, many. They were early risers. They dressed not merely for success, for career survival. They avoided work that was intellectually focused. They peered back and soaked up the landscape. They were gossips. Bless them.


The hollow inside is mixed up, the survey said

overlapping symbols’re happening way out in the ocean.

Your ocean. Your flamenco in transition.

Our faith and consequences.

A violet mist. This is prison.

(You have the evidence.)

Losers = worshippers of their detractors.
Heaven is in our hearts with an egg drop of credos and documents, from which large scale dull instruments get tossed.

We drink to your mistakes.


I swear even as you continue and travel further
As soiled oceans rewild deserts
All our props are dextrose contingent.
Or I was wondering about invention of the planets, sympathizing
With a numbers guru also the director — one of them.
Often that’s a normal baritone and determinative section to sing.
Making love is war. It’s not just money:
I’m afraid it’s a Little

Dipper: Emma, You’re handsome!

Hold on?
..membranes are functional! It’s an open

Darwinian algorithm to back more
nano-proposals, dragging human

footbinding into the light,

present day fireflies earning more in sandbars
speaking their minds to hollow
the new & smoky fabric of kites:

& trees droop silly
looking up, they’re Spencerian: stranded
leaving war to the professionals.


They’re probably wild Speen to Pinehurst
A perfect Bose wave, 100 percent juice —
The dead never see us.

These things we depend on ..
A rhetoric gone terribly right, and so
We draw together

If we’re to make a life together
They disappear, not changing our company,
All that pulls us apart.

When it’s just the two of us, paired, oh
Clearly the thing to do is institute a policy
Filling speech balloons like Supermen ..